East Coast Albacore Championships








Another Annual East Coast Albacore Championships has been completed. Congratulations to all the winners

1st Place – Guy Tipton & Ollie Tipton
2nd Place – Tim Woodford & Caleb Woodford
3rd Place – Henry Pedro & Samantha Wamback
4th Place – Jeff Krause & Anne Savage
5th Place – Nick Williams & Adam Roscoe
6th Place – Matt King & Bob Erwin
7th Place – Max Page & Logan Harris
8th Place – Savannah Taylor & Lawrence Taylor
9th Place – Tanner Christie & Chelsea Collicutt
10th Place – Rafael Pedro & Mason Bell
11th Place – Maya Trevors & Ed Trevors
12th Place – Tim Burns & Colton Wagner

PRIZES were awarded as follows:
1st Place Overall
HELM Guy Tipton
CREW Ollie Tipton

2nd Place Overall
HELM Tim Woodford
CREW Caleb Woodford

3rd Place Overall
HELM Henry Pedro
CREW Samantha Wamback

1st Junior Under 19 Champions
HELM Rafael Pedro (Age 11)
CREW Mason Bell (Age 13)

1st Junior Under 19 – Savannah Taylor (Age 13)

1st Non-Placed Female Sailor – Anne Savage

1st Yacht Club Sailing Team
HELM Matt King
CREW Bob Erwin

1st Non-Placed Club Boat
HELM Nick Williams
CREW Adam Roscoe

1st Junior Under 12 – Ollie Tipton (Age 9)