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2016 Albacore Awards Night

2016 Race Results

Albacore Spring Series
Helm:             Guy Tipton
Crew:             Ollie & Will Tipton

Albacore Summer Series
Helm:             Nick Williams
Crew:             Sam Foss

Albacore Fall Series
Helm:             Mason Bell
Crew:             Ollie Tipton

Arthur Smith Series
Helm:             Nick Williams
Crew:             Paul Corkum

Low Score:
Colton Wagner

Rafael Pedro 1ST   Forrest Robinson 2ND

SAILOR OF THE YEARsailor-of-the-year

Mason Bell


-Lucas Baldson
-Lucas Maxwell
-Max Foss
-Neve Pedro
-Mu-Yang McNichol,
-Mungo McGhee,
-Tatum Harding-Mitzel

-Bryan Jensen
-Drew Doucet
-Ed Trevors
-Forrest Robinson
-Owen Hobbs
-Sam Foss
-Will Tipton
-Faranm Lin-Hernandez,
-Hazen Harding-Mitzel

-Mason Bell
-Ollie Tipton
-Rafael Pedro

-Isabella Goodwin

-Savannah Taylor

Shelburne Sailing Academy Update

Baddeck Race Week is held annually held the first full week of August and is a high intensity regatta that allows racers the opportunity to compete in four (4) races each day for five (5) days.  With coaches from every participating club on the water with the racers, each sailor is coached throughout the regatta as they require; junior sailors receive encouragement and instruction as they race, the more experienced sailors receive more detailed and race specific instruction.  The week is free of charge for racers as well.  Changing wind conditions, an intensive and prolonged racing schedule, as well as more complicated race courses all mean this week is challenging in ways that help to develop racers for future events.

Optimist sailors:              420 sailors:
Raphael Pedro                   Mason Bell
Will Tipton                           Sam Foss
Ollie Tipton                          Owen Hobbs
Forrest Robinson                Maya Trevors
Max Foss

Coach:                               Paul Corkum

This year, we had nine (9) sailors on the water at Baddeck; five (5) Opti racers and four (4) 420 racers.  Every single one of them performed at a high level – race results are not yet available on the Beddeck website.  Our two (2) 420’s did very well.  Mason Bell and Sam Foss ran a consistent second all week behind sailors who have been racing in this regatta for at least two years at this level.  Owen Hobbs and Maya Trevors, who have only been sailing together for a few weeks, also did very well, leading the less experience race group most of the week.  Our Opti sailors lead the way for most of the week.  Experienced guys like Raph and Ollie, performed consistently at the top of the pack.  Will Tipton turned a corner this year as he won his very first race and performed well enough over the course of the week to make Gold Fleet.  Forrest also saw massive improvements over last year, moving from Silver Fleet into Gold Fleet after only one year – he showed signs not only of improvement, but also indicators that he has a lot more success to come in the future.  Max Foss, only there for two days, did very well for his first racing experience.  He consistently displayed his knowledge of the fundamental sailing skills that he will need to continue to grow into a racer.  To sail twenty races over five days is a huge accomplishment in and of itself as the racers grow increasingly fatigued and sore as the week goes on.

Paul, our coach, also did a great job coaching our racers, encouraging them, supporting them, helping them prepare for the daily races, and giving instruction when needed on the water.  He demonstrated his gifts for coaching in this capacity and also ensured that the team remained highly motivated and enthusiastic.

It must also be said that the parents played a huge roll in the regatta for our team.  By taking care of our sailors and ensuring they were present on time, the racers were able to compete and perform to the best of their ability for this extended event.  Parents who are more experienced with dinghy sailing like Scott Robinson, Henry Pedro, and Leslie Hobbs (who by the way came in third in the women’s 420 race with Maya T) provided a high level of support for racers, especially when it came to morning prep and afternoon clean up.

Our own Guy Tipton runs the event for the Beddeck club.  He is on the water the entire week, setting courses, helping fix boats,  and running races.  His experience as a racer, a coach, and an organizer are invaluable to our community.

Another thing this regatta provides for our club as a whole is increased exposure and networking.  The entire week, our coaches work and communicate with coaches from the other participating clubs.  Ideas for future competitions and opportunities are banged around, we are able to learn skills and strategies from other racers and coaches, and future partnerships are discussed.  Not to mention the friendships and relationships that grow out of interacting on and off the water.

Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club and Sailing Academy in the Exhibition Week Parade.


New Achievements

sailing-academyVideo: Sailing Academy..BE A Part Of It.

Shelburne Hosts Popular Albacore Team Racing Event

october-2016-regattaOn a chilly fall morning on the 29th of October, 22 sailors arrived at the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club and Shelburne Sailing Academy.  Many didn’t know what to expect, only that they were promised a full day of great tactical action on the water in a fleet of boats that were unfamiliar to many.

The Shelburne Sailing Academy, forming part of the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club maintains a small fleet of Albacore ( racing dinghies.  These versatile boats serve to introduce both youth and adults to the sport of sailing, and are challenging enough to keep sailors active well into their senior years.

Granted, this particular motley collection of Albacores have all seen better days, but they were perfect for the task at hand:  to provide a bunch of enthusiastic sailors the equipment and venue for a day of head-to-head, no holds barred team racing.

Team racing differs from standard fleet racing in that there are a few key rules that change the field of play drastically.  The most important change in the rules is that “proper course” no longer applies in many cases.  This changes the dynamic drastically at events like reaches and mark roundings.  A pair of competitors in one boat may decide not to round that mark but carry on sailing while holding an opposing boat which has to “give way” to the first boat.  Or on reaching legs a boat may luff up an opposing boat right until head-to-wind to allow another boat on the same team to gain a position advantage.  On one team a boat may decide not to round a mark but to interfere with opposing boats on a different leg of the course to allow his teammates to improve their positions at the expense of his own.

In the end team racing is all about score combinations.  Teams consist of three boats each, and for each two teams on the racecourse, a score of ten or less is a winning score.  This naturally leads to quite a bit of calculation on the part of the competitors.

The Sail-n-Steak team racing weekend was played out with a round-robin series, followed by quite a lot of on-shore banter and strategy review.

The demographics of the competitors was wide and vast.  The youngest competitor was thirteen, the oldest over sixty.  The skill range varied from complete novice to national and international champion, to sly old veterans.  There were keelboaters, dinghy, skiff, and pram sailors all duking it out together.

The steak portion of the event did not disappoint either.  With an average ¾ pound of prime New York cut accompanied by bacon-roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables no one left the event hungry.  With plenty of Boxing Rock beer on tap, (juice and pop for the youth) no one left the event thirsty either.

In the end every sailor was happy, and the Shelburne Sailing Academy raised over $600 for the continuation of their dinghy program.  Thanks to all who participated

Team Shelburne Results

Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron 

This past weekend Shelburne registered 3 420’s to compete in two days of racing. The fleet was smaller than anticipated but regardless, our racers well represented!

In second place we had Tanner Christie and Jackie Nickerson, in third place we had Savannah Taylor and Isabella Goodwin, and in fourth place we had Max Page and Paul Corkum, all representing Shelburne Harbour! None of this would be possible without the support of our membership and on behalf of our racers, we’d like to say thank you for your continual support. We couldn’t be prouder of our sailors and we encourage all of our members to join the Shelburne Sailing Academy Facebook group or email list: to learn more.

Tipton & King deliver Great Results !!

In what was termed a very close, well sailed - tactical battle - - Matt King and tiptonGuy Tipton, of the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club, emerged as the winners of the 2012 Albacore North American Dinghy Championship. The 3 day regatta was hosted at the Buffalo Canoe Club on Crystal Beach, Ontario on the weekend under clear skies, a light to medium breeze and 30 degree C temperatures.

Out on the waters of Lake Erie - former International and World Champions were jockeying for positions as each race was posted over the 3 days. Several of the 36 boats had a share of the lead as the regatta progressed.  "We knew the overall standings for the regatta were very close going into the last race today (Sunday) and we had to place well against certain competitors". - "We were lucky enough to accomplish that and we won the regatta by half a boat length and just 1 point. It doesn't get any closer than that!!"

Matt and Guy will now be attending the East Coast Albacore Championships on Labour Day Weekend in Shelburne and then prepare to attend the Heineken High Performance Dinghy Regatta in Rye, New York in October