Upper Deck Now Open

   We are pleased to advise that revised Provincial guidelines will allow us to re-open the Upper Deck. Effective Saturday, June 5th, the Upper Deck will be open 12n – 8pm, offering outdoor seating for “consistent social groups” up to ten (10). We have a capacity for seating forty (40) in total. And should there be even greater demand, we will endeavor to provide table service to the lower deck where we have six (6) 4-person tables for a total of 24 additional patrons.

SHYC Cruising

We are pleased to advise that our 1st SHYC cruise has been scheduled and it will be a simple weekend out to McNutts Island. The purpose, besides visiting the island, is to shake out the boats’ systems and ensure that they all work while we are still close to home. See description here.