Programs & Class Schedules

Our Programs

The Intro to Sailing courses run for 5 days a week for 8 weeks in July and August, whereas the CanSail courses are conducted in 4 separate 2 week sessions so that participants can cover the entire CanSail curriculum in a single session.

The Academy is totally reliant on a source of instructors to keep these programs operating year to year.  In recognition of this requirement, we offer Potential Instructor Training (PIT) free of charge for those students who aspire to becoming Sail Canada certified instructors.  In this way, we can keep a home grown supply of suitably qualified instructors.  PIT training is available on Saturdays.

WetFeet     (Ages 5-9)     Weeks 1,3,5,8

Wetfeet is a friendly, fun introduction to sailing. The program which was developed by “B.C. Sailing” focuses on making young children feel comfortable around, near, and in the water while primarily using  the ‘Optimist’ dinghy. This level aims to give sailors exposure to sailing in winds up to 10 knots. M activities both on and off the water. Children sail with a partner in a variety of different sailboats. Exploring the waters with their instructors adds to an adventure filled week. If parents/guardians have any questions about the scope, safety, and activities offered at this level please dont hesitate to contact.,

Intro     (Ages 10+)     Weeks 2,4,7

This level aims to give sailors the confidence, knowledge and skills to sail in winds up to 13 knots. The curriculum includes terminology, posturing, docking, and sail trim. Instructors keep learning fun with games, swimming, beach activities and weekly theme days. We are continually looking for volunteerism and general input to the program; to learn about the variety of ways you can get involved please contact,


The Sailing Academy’s CanSail curriculum allows junior members to access boat charters, evening racing options, and exposure to CanSail coaching opportunities. Each one of the four sessions is designed around boat specific training and highlights at least one away regatta for families to consider attending. Volunteer opportunities available to off-set advanced training costs. Coaching and ancillary fees for away regattas are not included in pricing scheme.

 CanSail 1-2

Sailors improve and refine their helming and crewing skills. Advanced sailing cansailtechniques, sail trim, roll tacking and boat tuning are covered. Students are taught to read the wind and the current for optimal boat speed in all conditions. Teamwork and fun are emphasized as sailors master new skills. Participants are to take at minimum 2 weeks at this level. At this level participants will have the skills to be able to charter our sailboats for family sails around Shelburne Harbour!

CanSail 3+

Sailors continue to master their boat handling skills in heavier wind conditions. Rudderless sailing, advanced weather knowledge, an introduction to racing, and sail theory are covered. Strong teamwork, sailor safety and problem solving underscore the camaraderie and challenges of this level. Participants are encouraged to consistently advance their sailing skills to ultimately: master their dinghy, represent the club at away regattas, and to one day become sailing instructors. Participants at this level are expected to commit to multiple weeks. Parents are encouraged and expected to be involved in the weekly initiatives of the program so that their athletes and our program can meet its full potential!

Learn to Race and Race Team     (Please inquire for further details)Race

This program is designed for the entry-level racer as well as recreational sailors who wish to take their skills to a higher level. On-water training combined with land lessons on racing rules, tactics, goal-setting and boat tuning continue sailor development. The emphasis is on fostering sportsmanship, fitness and camaraderie. The team attends fun local regattas with the capacity to travel to more high profile events.. Parent support and chaperoning is required for away regattas unless arranged otherwise.

Adult SailingAdult

This is an introductory sailing course allowing you to feel confident in a dinghy in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters. This is a preparatory standard with no auxiliary power or navigation skills required.